trustycrowbar: (Angstrom Focus)
Dr. Gordon Freeman ([personal profile] trustycrowbar) wrote in [personal profile] neveraskedforthis 2012-08-31 08:16 pm (UTC)

Can Adam use his social enhancer on your character: Sure.

If you picked yes, please provide THREE personality traits that accurately describe your character:
Analytical, competitive, strong-willed

If you picked yes, please describe your characters psychological profile in 2-4 sentences:

Harbors significant frustration at his own inability to find others on par with him intellectually, projected outwards in gruff interactions that imply long-suffering patience. Might carry rage issues. Constantly uses cooperative efforts on the task at hand to build relationships rather than interaction on a person-to-person basis, because he doesn't trust himself to do much other than confuse everyone.

Can Adam use pheromones on your character to influence them: sure.

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