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Can Adam use his social enhancer on your character: Sure! Mahdi's pretty transparent, for the most part.

If you picked yes, please provide THREE personality traits that accurately describe your character:
-Measures his self-worth in helping others
-Strives to see the bright side of things to a definite fault
-Is disturbed by violence and sex, and will go out of his way to avoid thinking about them

If you picked yes, please describe your characters psychological profile in 2-4 sentences:
Mahdi loves everyone, and believes the world is a good place, even when he's frequently confronted with evidence otherwise. He approaches everything from a deep, abiding faith that people want to be good, and people that hurt others only do so because of misunderstanding, or because they are hurt themselves. He lives to help others.

Can Adam use pheromones on your character to influence them:
Somewhat. Honestly, he's so easygoing he'd probably agree without being influenced. HOWEVER, if the things he pushes him to agree with are against his core faiths (hurting people is wrong, people are basically good, everyone deserves a chance, etc.), then he will not be shaken from it. Mahdi resembles a human, but he is not, and in truth his thoughts are part of his physical makeup, inextricable from him.

I'd also appreciate if you'd hit up Mahdi's permissions!

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