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Miles Edgeworth ([personal profile] bratworth) wrote in [personal profile] neveraskedforthis 2012-08-15 01:07 pm (UTC)

Can Adam use his social enhancer on your character:
Sure! (8

If you picked yes, please provide THREE personality traits that accurately describe your character:
Logical, determined, self-loathing.
If you picked yes, please describe your characters psychological profile in 2-4 sentences:
Edgeworth comports himself in a way that suggests that he takes himself far too seriously. This, accompanied with his manner of thinking, his adherence to his belief system and his desire for answers means that he can, quite frankly, come across as a bit of a dick. BUT HE MEANS WELL.

Can Adam use pheromones on your character to influence them:
I would probably say yes, but to be safe, just run it by me first. (8

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