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Adam Jensen ([personal profile] neveraskedforthis) wrote2012-08-12 10:38 pm

IC CONTACT | Please note in your subject which game!

I can't help you right now, I got problems of my own.

Jensen here. Leave a message.


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exsilium; backdated text to after the first bomb drops on 9/24

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I was going to try for milkshakes tonight, but that plan got derailed. Are you okay?
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Not right now, I'm helping direct people until someone an move my chair down there.
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By one of the entrances close to the apartments. We've had a couple people panicking, but it's been nothing major!
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Honestly do you think you could just bring my chair? Those are kind of my legs, you know, and it's nice to have them around. Me, I'm fine where I am right now, and I'm helping, but when I can't do that from here I don't want to get stuck in a corner for the next who knows how long.
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[ She's said she's fine when people have asked after her -- and she is. She isn't just paraplegic these days. She's paraplegic plus! But the reality is she was worried on a level of what it meant to be her and moving around.

And Adam's offering what she wants with his own kind of caveat. One she's happy to live with -- she's not the kind of proud to turn down necessary help. Still, her yes is more indirect, and she stops herself from typing, "Do you promise?" ]

Only if I get to ride piggy-back!