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IC CONTACT | Please note in your subject which game!

I can't help you right now, I got problems of my own.

Jensen here. Leave a message.


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Hello, this is Barnaby Brooks Jr. Whenever you're not busy, I'd like to talk to you.

[ Yeah even his voicemails are formal FIGHT HIM ]
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[Hey. Hey. Guess who's just going to ring until you answer, douchebag.]
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I was going to try for milkshakes tonight, but that plan got derailed. Are you okay?
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adam did you know they were making bioweapons
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letter delivery

[personal profile] whatsupcroc 2012-11-12 04:25 am (UTC)(link)
( There is a hand written invitation addressed to Adam inviting them to a potluck dinner among friends on November 22nd, at Apartment 403. They're asked to RSVP at their earliest convenience, though the phrasing is more along the lines of, "I'd really love it if you would come!"

Probably the only surprising part of this entire invitation (past it's arrival in the first place) is the neat, flowing cursive handwriting it's been authored with. Collette has a bold, big way of writing... or something. )
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exsilium » [audio]

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[Not more than a few hours after this skirmish, assuming Ridley was beaten back but flew the coop to live another day, and she didn't sustain any grave injuries but her suit will undoubtedly have a few new battle scars to show for it.

...She's not even sure she should call. It's not like she can convince herself letting him be ignorant is the better option. A giant screeching death dragon isn't hard to miss, not that she wants him purposefully antagonizing him.

This is her problem. Her quarry. Her burden to carry.

If he got hurt because of this she'd...]


[...she'd never forgive herself. None-the-less, it's quite a burden to carry and it's easy to hear in her voice; raspy and tired. Maybe even a little ragged. Something's wrong.]

You busy?