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Adam Jensen ([personal profile] neveraskedforthis) wrote2012-09-23 01:02 am


Threadhopping/threadjacking: I generally prefer to be notified first! Unless it's something lighthearted, then go right ahead.

Backtagging: Yes, forever and ever.

Fourthwalling: No.

Attack/Injure: Yes. However keep in mind he'll fight back, and believe me when I say his fist to your face will HURT.

Intoxicate: Ask first.

Mindfuck/Rape/Torture/Kill/etc.: Rape is a no-go in general. For all others, let's talk about it first.

Hug/Kiss: He won't like it unless you are a VERY close friend or his girlfriend, but go right ahead.

Romance/Sex: Generally--yes, I do enjoy shipping and everything that comes with it. However Adam has quite a few issues when it comes to relationships and physical affection, thanks to his last relationship and the current state of his body. He's not a huge flirt and not big on one night stands, either, but both can happen occasionally. He will only be dating women though, and in the rare case that a relationship forms, ADAM IS A LOYAL AND CLINGY BOYFRIEND. So no fucking around on the side then with anyone else unless he's really drunk or it's a threesome approved by all parties or something. Of course I'm willing to make exceptions for museboxes/memes/smut comms and so on, pretty much anything goes there.

Read your thoughts/emotions: Talk to me about it first.

Anything you don't want brought up to this character? Can't think of anything right off the bat.

Triggers: OOCly, I don't have any. ICly, Adam's not too fond of being insulted in regards to his augmentations, being called a killer/monster, or being called useless, especially when it comes to protecting people... though he will mostly just grit his teeth unless you're really pissing him off.

Anything else? I'm good. Ask me if you're unsure/if you need to know about something that isn't listed here.


Yes: rough sex, anal/vaginal/oral, bloodplay, gunplay, knifeplay, gags, blindfolds, sexual exhaustion, orgasm denial/control, pleasure denial/control, painplay, soft bdsm, bruising, erotic asphyxiation, mindfuckery, manipulation (emotional/physical), discipline/punishment, femdom, power struggles, facials, messy/dirty sex, titfucking, dirty talk, GETTING CREATIVE WITH ADAM'S AUGMENTATIONS (!)

Maybe: double penetration, threesomes, dubcon, hard bdsm, sexual torture, sex toys, electricity (it'll stun him), pegging, Adam being dominated/bottoming (I love this personally but Adam doesn't in most cases), messing with Adam's wiring (remote controls and so on), risk of pregnancy

No: vore, scat, watersports, gore/snuff, enemas, noncon/rape, partners younger than 20, extremely fragile partners