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Character NAME: Adam Jensen
Canon & MEDIUM: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (videogame only; disregarding comics)
Canon PULL-POINT: End of the game, right in front of the Choose Your Ending machine, after having chosen the 4th ending, waiting.
Character AGE: 34

Character ABILITIES: OH BOY. Where do I start? A big part of Adam's character is that he's augmented—so he's still a human, but he's also more than that, because he's half a machine, physically. I'll try to break down augmentations by body parts, and explain in a few sentences what they do without relying too heavily on the pseudoscience lingo provided ingame. Another note: some of Adam's augmentations require energy--which he draws from proteins. In other words, he needs to eat to replenish his energy reserves. I will note if an augmentation requires energy to use—all others are either always active or activate in specific situations without requiring any energy.


~Retinal Prosthesis. Adam has artificial eyes—providing him with a retinal HUD processing and displaying digital information in real time. This includes a radar, energy reserves, his own health, ammunition remaining, and waypoint markers.

~Flash Suppressant. Adam cannot be blinded by harsh light.

~Smart Vision. X-Ray vision, essentially: Adam can see through walls for a limited amount of time. Requires energy to use.

~Awesome Shades (there is actually no name for them). Anyway, Adam's reflective lenses are grafted onto his skull and are supposed to protect his artificial eyes during combat. He can retract them at will, though he rarely does so.


~MHD-995 Hacking Device: Capture, Analyze, Fortify, Stealth, Domination. There exists a hacking minigame in Deus Ex, and these augmentations make it easier. Essentially, with everything upgraded to maximum, it just means that Adam is a Hacker God. He can hack any computer and digital lock within seconds, and also take control of security cameras, bots, and turrets.

~Wayfinder Radar System. It's his navigation system; feed it with specific coordinates and the augmented reality displayed on Adam's HUD will show him where he has to go. Also provides the radar in the bottom left corner of Adam's vision, displaying positions of people in his vicinity.

~Infolink. Comes with a cochlear and subvocal communication implant. What this means? That Adam is able to receive and transmit audio messages over a specific frequency without actually producing any sound.

~Computer-Assisted Social Interaction Enhancer aka CASIE. Analyzes behavioral patterns in other people. Data regarding the person's personality is provided for Adam, giving him an advantage during conversations because he's able to read them better. He can also release bio-engineered pheromones to influence and sway other people more easily.

~Stealth Enhancer. Displays people's cones of visions on his radar, and his own noise level. He can also mark and track the movements of up to seven individuals within a specific range (100 meters).


~Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis. Adam has two of them—and they're pretty powerful, giving him an edge when it comes to strength and speed. He can also temporarily dislocate his fingers and rotate his hands 360 degrees; additionally they also come with built-in blades he can extend at will—think Assassin's Creed hidden blade style.

~Instant Take-Down. Adam can instantly take down one or two people lethally or non-lethally. Requires energy to use.

~Punch Through Walls. Exactly what it says on the tin. Requires energy to use.

~Recoil Compensation. Heavily reduces recoil when using firearms.

~Aim Stabilizer. Adam's much better at aiming firearms, even while moving.

~Move/Throw Heavy Objecs. He can carry and throw things like... fridges and vending machines, to use ingame examples. Requires energy to use.


~Sentinel RX Health System. This neat little gadget tracks Adam's medical condition, and also includes an implanted Cardioverter Defilibrator that can start up Adam's heart up to eighty times. It also allows Adam to heal up/recover faster than a normal person.

~Implanted Rebreather. Not only is Adam unaffected by toxic gas, he also has an additional oxygen reservoir, which means he can sprint longer or breathe underwater for a short while.

~Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter. Allows Adam to convert energy required by some of his augmentations. To do that, he simply needs to eat—high protein food preferably.

~Typhoon Explosive System. Essentially transforms Adam into a human fragmentation grenade, putting him at the center of a small blast radius that inflicts a lot of damage. Requires energy to use. And ammunition.


~Icarus Landing System. Adam can jump/fall from any height (within reason) without sustaining damage. As a side effect it can also stun enemies within a certain radius upon impact.

~Quicksilver Reflex Booster. Allows Adam to instantly take down two people at once.


~Glass-Shield Cloaking System. Renders the user completely invisible for a short period of time. Requires energy to use.

~Dermal Armor. Implanted beneath Adam's actual skin, reduces damage effects from blunt trauma, ballistic attacks, cutting, and/or slashing attacks. edit!! THE EMP SHIELDING UPGRADE IS CURRENTLY NOT INCLUDED, so he's very vulnerable to EMP and electricity charges. However, this upgrade can and will be activated in due time—right now, I'm leaving it open when exactly so Adam has a very serious weak spot.


~Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis. You guessed it, Adam can jump higher (up to nine feet) and sprint faster than a normal human.

~Run/Sprint/Jump/Land Silently. Adam can move in total silence for a brief period of time. Requires energy to use.

Character HISTORY: Please let me just link the Deus Ex Wiki.


Before I start—let me point out here that Deus Ex has RPG elements to it and is, in parts, all about Choosing Your Own Adventure. The majority of dialogues and cutscenes are scripted, sure, but it's still up to you how you want to play Adam—as 'Mahatma Gandhi' or 'Attila the Hun'; fully embracing the power his augmentations give him or using it sparsely with no intention to kill or seriously harm people.

That said, I am playing the pacifist version of Adam that hangs onto his humanity, which is widely regarded as the canon version (as opposed to 'Mischievous Adam Jensen', who will hunt down civillians with vending machines and shoot arrows up the butts of unsuspecting, peeing guards). Just add a dash of Batman logic (punching people into comas is totally okay as long as you don't kill them!!), and you have pacifist Adam.


As you might suspect after this rather lengthy intro, despite being an ex-cop, Adam's not All That Good when it comes to how he gets the job done. He upholds the law, sure, and prefers to play things by the book—but there are about Fifty Shades of Gray to his actions. After all, the end justifies the means. Adam has absolutely no problem with B&E (breaking and entering), stealing, and punching people unsconscious. He hacks into any computer he can find and invades the individual's privacy, threatens people, and uses pheromones on them to persuade them to reveal vital information or do what he wants. Even when his boss, David Sarif, wants him to break into the police station and Adam points out to him that this is sort of illegal, he can end up shrugging it off: Just figured I'd point it out. In other words, Adam is pretty damn resourceful and if he can't reach his objective in a legal manner, he has no problem at all resorting to illegal means.

A good example of this would be the options you are presented with when you have to infiltrate a VIP nightclub: do you buy the expensive membership card, steal it from someone who forgot it in a brothel, knock out the bouncer or sneak in through the sewers/ventilation shafts? As long as no one is killed, they're all viable options to Adam. That's not to say that he will never ever kill (he definitely does have a kill count), but he'll avoid it if he can.

Adam's modus operandi aside, though, he's not very sociable to begin with (seriously, he doesn't laugh or even smile ONCE in the entire game—perpetual lineface syndrome). But he might have been, before he was butchered, as indicated by the fact that all his colleagues at the Detroit Police Department respected him and that he was appointed as SWAT team commander fairly quickly. He quit the force because he refused to follow an order, namely, to kill a 15 year old augmented teenager, and his superiors shifted the blame onto Adam and somewhat ruined his reputation. Adam is not at all afraid to stand up for his beliefs, and he'll do what he instinctively considers the right thing, even if it might cost him his reputation—he really does not care what other people think of him. This also shows in his interactions with Pritchard, a co-worker who quite openly dislikes him, and Adam just shrugs off his accusations or threatens him with 'reports of workplace violence'.

Adam's a loner. He prefers to work alone and be by himself, and he doesn't really do a lot of smalltalk. When you enter his appartment in the game, it's a rather sad place that reflects on his mental state—gloomy and in total disarray, with a smashed mirror in the bathroom, an abundance of painkillers, and photos of better times scattered everywhere. It shows how his life had made a 180 degree turn when he lost half of his body and his ex-girlfriend, his inner sense of loss, and how jaded he has become. He distances himself from people (a lot of civillians will regularly insult him for being an aug and looking like a freak), almost never outwardly shows emotion, and keeps his eyes hidden behind his reflective lenses, symbolic of him shielding himself from more emotional harm.

That doesn't mean Adam dislikes people, though—he has a lot of fondness for his boss, co-workers like Malik (and even Pritchard towards the end of the game), former colleagues, and of course his ex-girlfriend, Megan. An ingame profile points out that Adam has centered his own life around taking care of others, and it's true: he grew up with a chronically depressed, emotionally unstable mother that needed constant protection, and after getting a degree in Criminal Justice Adam became a cop. If you play the game as a completionist, there are a bunch of sidequests Adam can take on which are all about helping other people with their problems—whether it be a hooker, Megan's mother, or a former colleague. He does this even when he factually has no time to play errand boy, and has to go out of his way.

Sadly, this also means he's rather easy to manipulate at times. Adam needs direction—he clings to his boss and Megan even after they're separated, even after finding out that these people have used and lied to him, and while Adam does get angry he ultimately still does what Sarif tells him. He also follows Megan around the globe to rescue her, only to discover that she doesn't need any rescuing, and yet he parts with the words: 'You and I aren't done yet, Megan.'

Adam's of the opinion that what defines someone as human is their actions, not their body. He has an inherent desire to seek out the truth and do justice, but he has his very human flaws and acknowledges that the power he has been given is useful, but also tempts one to do really terrible things. At the end, he chooses to sacrifice himself (and a bunch of other people, too!) and the truth he has found to let humanity come to their own conclusions and make its own decisions—Adam himself never had a choice with what happened to him, but he instinctively tried to find his own answers and do what he thought was right.

Chosen WEAPON: Adam already IS a weapon—and he has his two retractable blades which are a part of him, so he really doesn't need another one.
Chosen SKILLSET: Fight fight fight! He can be pretty persuasive and a smooth talker, too.

Fresh from the canon. I would just like to point out again that I am disregarding the events shown in the tie-in promotional comic, which is all around pretty awful and inconsistent with Adam's characterization as presented in the videogame. The events in the comic are also never discussed or referred to in the game, at all.