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I figured I should probably have one of these! So, for those characters that end up meeting Adam face to face—he has a Computer-Assisted Social Interaction Enhancer, aka CASIE. What this means? Let me copy a few sentences from the Deus Ex Wiki.

Provides its user with a direct monitor of behavior patterns and likely responses from conversational subjects. In real terms, this means the user can gain an insight into which conversational methods to employ in any situation. You can permanently ruin important conversations by saying the wrong thing, this aug gives you some inkling of what to pick. It can be upgraded with a pheromone emitting system that allows additional conversation options.

I'm going to simplify this for the sake of RP (in the videogame, some characters are also classfied as Alpha, Beta, or Omega personalities; then there's the persuasion meter...).

However, talking face to face with any character in a game environment (video too, though obviously he can't use pheromones there) would look like this to Adam if he were to activate his social enhancer:

CASIE SCREEN - It also means that the CASIE can pick up on involuntary physical reactions like pupil delation, heartrate, etc; making it easier for Adam to tell when your character is lying, for example. Other than that, the CASIE also analyzes voice volume, speech patterns, facial expressions, body language and environmental cues to gather data. If you're curious about what the CASIE looks like in action, you can check it out here (very mild spoilers).

Now, it's all up to you if you OOCly allow Adam to read your character better during conversations, so if you could fill out the following form, I'd really appreciate it!

Can Adam use his social enhancer on your character: (if you say no here, you don't have to fill out the other questions. Just lemme know! Feel free to point out if you think the CASIE might actually not work on your character because they're a robot, alien, or other supernatural being, too. 8)

If you picked yes, please provide THREE personality traits that accurately describe your character:
(this can be anything. In the above example, it's aggressive, excitable, insecure—but it can also be envious, defiant, emotional, pragmatic, confident, irrational, domineering, etc etc etc..... the list is endless. Just pick whatever describes your character best!)

If you picked yes, please describe your character's psychological profile in 2-4 sentences:
(Again, try to accurately and concisely describe how your character acts during a conversation. Two game examples so you know what I'm looking for:

"Slightly desperate at times. Feels misunderstood.
Has a tendency to think highly of himself and often needs to be brought down a notch. Tends to falsely inflate his own accomplishments. "

"Tends to dismiss other people and viewpoints, creating an emotional wall behind which he retreats. Views himself as an educator of lesser people. May be destabilized if his arguments are proven wrong. Can easily convert people to his cause. Is not used to resistance."

Can Adam use pheromones on your character to influence them:
(basically, if Adam does this, your character will be more inclined to agree with him. Simply yes or no! Or maybe?!)

And here's the form again for your copypasta pleasure:

Thank you!

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Can Adam use his social enhancer on your character: YES*

*Worth noting that Ocelot would probably NOT have sudden physical readings when he lies that other people would. He's been trained for it his whole life, it's just too natural. But he will get a quicker pulse and whatnot for other reasons, like being angered or flustered...

If you picked yes, please provide THREE personality traits that accurately describe your character: Confident, excitable, sadistic.

If you picked yes, please describe your characters psychological profile in 2-4 sentences: Vain and showy. Likely to discard someone if they have no use, and utterly lacks all moral boundaries. Believes he has an edge above everyone he meets. Quick to anger if he loses that illusion, but may become obsessed.

Can Adam use pheromones on your character to influence them: YES PLZ SPRAY YOUR PHEROMONES IN MY FACE MR JENSEN
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