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Name: Adam Jensen (he was adopted at age 5--it's unknown what his birth name is)

Age: 34 (DOB March 9th, 1993, Pisces)

Sex/Gender: Male on both accounts.

Sexual Orientation: Straight for the most part; feels romantic attraction towards women exclusively. According to headcanon, he's had a few homosexual encounters. On the Kinsey Scale, he'd be a one. I'm personally comfortable with playing both het and slash, though Adam will not be entering a gay relationship within any proper game setting.

Alignment: Neutral to Chaotic Good

Personality: Good guy at heart, but incredibly jaded, disillusioned and morally gray. Dirty Harry. Closed off loner. Self-loathing. Bitter. Always trying to take care of people and occasionally failing. Dry, deadpan humor. Cynic. Stand-offish. Practical and resourceful. Emotional. Loyal and supportive to those that deserve it. Dependable. Driven. Explorer. Picks jackass dialogue choices half of the time Can be rude, abrasive and dismissive. Blunt, says what he thinks, and does not care what you think.

Eyes: Adam's original eye color was blue-gray, but his artificial eyes are a very bright green with a tinge of gold. He usually hides them behind his reflective lenses.

Hair: Dark, brown, short hair which is usually smoothed back. He grooms a beard, but his other skin (or what's left of it) is clean shaven.

Physical Traits: Adam is 6'3 ft tall, weighs 182 lbs and is very physically fit. Notable are, of course, his prostheses--his arms are completely made of black metal and polymer (synthetic plastic and rubber) and his legs stop being his own at about his knee. They're not usually visible but when they are, they'd look somewhat like this (in black).

Adam has a lot of metal lodged under his skin and sticking out of it, especially around his neck, shoulders, and thighs; keeping his body together. His skin has a number of scars sustained in combat and during surgery.

He has various cranial augmentations, one of them being his protective, retractable lenses which are directly attached to his skull. Then there's his hacking add-on, implanted in his forehead and marked with a hexagonal imprint. There's a rather notable scar on the left side of his face, running from his eyebrow over his cheekbone down to below his ear, again sustained during surgery.

Visual reference: ONE, TWO, THREE (nsfw)

As he's usually wearing turtlenecks and a long coat, the only augmentations visible at first glance would be his shades and the metallic looking hands (unless he's wearing gloves).

Voice: Batman Clint Eastwood Deep and masculine, gravelly--smoker's voice. Perpetual gruff drawl. Terse and uninflected most of the time, even under pressure, so his true emotions rarely show in his tone. However he tends to modify his own way of speaking during important conversations and negotiations to sound more personable and relatable on top of using psychology, likely a trait/skill he picked up while working as a cop. VA: Elias Toufexis.

Languages: Native English speaker. Apparently has a basic grasp on other languages such as Russian, Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

Occupation: After finishing his studies in Criminal Justice, Adam worked as a cop at the Detroit Police Department. Volunteered for SWAT; quickly rose in the ranks and became team commander. Quit his job out of dissatisfaction and was hired by Sarif Industries as Chief of Security.



Additionally, he's also fairly adept with firearms.

More video references because DXHR is a gorgeous game: Icarus Trailer | Purity First Trailer | Opening/Intro | The New Black Gold | My Dance Moves Are Augmented | Punch Punch Revolution

Other Notes: The permission post for his social enhancer is over here, and I encourage everyone who's going to interact with Adam to fill it out! I've also got a general permissions/kink info post here.