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word of god/headcanon


“Adam has always liked to work with his hands. He’s also always had an innate curiosity about how things work. He’s been frequenting pawn shops and/or antique stores for as long as he can remember, looking for unusual, mechanically-powered clocks or wind-up toys to take apart, clean up, and restore to mint working condition. Since the attack on Sarif Industries, this hobby has taken on renewed importance to him. Having lost so much of his own body to mechanical pieces, perhaps he’s seeking to understand who he is.”

“Our initial inspiration came a lot from Brazilian’s Capoeira. We thought it had elegance to it and yet, it was spectacular. But we struggled quite a bit with that one for too long and eventually, our animation director took it in a more street brawler kind of direction because we couldn’t nail the original feel we were going for.”

“I don’t believe he would. The connection between metal and flesh would have to be insulated, since you wouldn’t want extra heat coming from the augs to be transferred to the body either.

And yes, he does have sensation in them, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to control the strength of his grip.”

“Actually, they are a hybrid sunglasses / protective lenses.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed in some the trailers, but they often come out just before Adam is about to fight.
The fact that they are stylish does not mean that they are a useless novelty.” 

“Good question. Nobody said that it was something implanted by Sarif. Those are normal glasses. Maybe after the operation, Jensen wanted to hide is artificial eyes from the public eye. Or maybe it was meant to symbolize that he needs to protect himself from the outside world, that he’s now more distant because of what he went through. Or something like that.” // this is kinda contradictory with other official information; I'm going to say they are protective lenses implanted by Sarif to protect his eyes, but it's Adam's own choice to hide his eyes most of the time because he's self-conscious about them/shielding himself (note how he only retracts them when talking to Megan)

And why wasn’t ‘commando’ an option?” 

“Adam doesn’t have any problem showering. What he’s afraid of is sinking to the bottom of the sea because of all the metal he’s got stuck to his body.
The rebreather aug can only help you for so long…”

“If you look at the coat, you’ll see rings with holes in them on the sleeves.
These magnetically attach themselves to the Typhoon ports on Jensen’s arms, allowing for the projectiles to go through.”

“Yes they are. We did design them, and drafted quite a few versions of what his legs could look like. Some of the things we came up with were quite spiffy! However, because we knew the legs would not actually get shown in the game, we mostly came up with those ideas to inform ourselves of the possibilities (either aesthetic or technological) more than to create the actual final design of his legs. Now, as far as his feet are concerned, some designs had them even more “twisted” than Namir’s. But those are not the designs I would have settled for. However, the human foot probably does have some flaws that would make no sense reproducing in an all new augmented and more efficient foot; and I definitely took these variables into account when designing Adam’s. So, in conclusion: no not as weird as Namir’s, but yes, different than a regular human biological foot.”

“If you look more closely, you’ll see that the drink doesn’t freeze, it’s the glass that cracks because Adam has trouble controlling the pressure he’s exerting on it.”

“Are you referring to the hexagon on Adam’s forehead?
I believe it’s just a cover plate to access his hacking augmentation.”

Dr. Megan Reed is a scientific genius, a leader in the field of human enhancement technologies, and the most prominent neuroscientist working for Sarif Industries. She is in her early thirties; Caucasian; attractive in a simplistic, unadorned manner, and completely unaware of how good-looking she is.

Reed and Jensen had a very intense 4-year relationship that both believed would end in marriage. She was leading an important research project at the time and, in a moment of desperation, used Jensen's genetic material without his knowledge to complete it. In the process she discovered that Jensen was a genetic anomaly, and became so focused on studying his genes that ultimately, she lost sight of their relationship. The couple grew distant; eventually Jensen ended the relationship.

Her personality was shaped by her upbringing. Her parents were also doctors, who decided early on that nothing would interfere with their work. Often left on her own, Megan took refuge in her intelligent imagination, developing a rich inner life at the expense of interpersonal socialization. She is therefore turned inwards, intelligent and single-minded, but also somewhat selfish, naive and lonely.

While she's camped into the role of love interest and is the driving force of Adam's quest in the game, from her point of view, her feeling for her ex-lover are layered and complex and do not override her own career goals. She has always wanted to work for Hugh Darrow, whose work impressed her early in her studies. Her entire life has been dedicated to that objective, her focus so intense that she lost some perspective on other aspects of her life... like Adam.

JENSEN, Adam||- Male.|- Caucasian.|- Birth location, unkown.|- Date of birth, 1993.|- 34 years old.|- Both parents deceased. 1998.|- Foster parents located in the Detroit area.|- College education, University of Phoenix.|- Associate degree in criminal justice.|- Sworn officer, DMPD, 2014.|- S.W.A.T., 2018.|- Quits DMPD in 2026.|- Hired by Sarif Industries, 6 months later.||*** Addendum ***||- Recently augmented, military grade.|- Armed and extremely dangerous.||- CURRENT STATUS: Alive

REED, Megan||- Female.|- Caucasian.|- Birth location, Seattle.|- Date of birth, 1995.|- 32 years old.|- Moved to North California around 2009-2010|- Moved to France, 2012.|- Graduated magna cum laude, Neurology & Psychology.|- Return to United States, 2018.|- Hired by Sarif Industries, 2020.|- Genetic research.|- Head of the science team, 2023.|||- CURRENT STATUS: Acquired.

■Age : 34
■Weight : 182 lbs
■Height : 6' 3"
■Eye Color : blue-gray
■Hair Color : Brown
■Blood Type : 0-

34-year old Caucasian male from Detroit, Michigan, ADAM JENSEN is an ex-cop turned 'private security specialist' for a moderately-sized biotechnology company. He is a 'working-class hero' -- dependable, resourceful, curious (but in a stand-offish way), with a streak of hardcore cynicism mixed in. Orphaned at birth, Jensen was adopted by a blue-collar couple and grew up in a racially mixed neighborhood of Detroit.

Money was always tight, and his family could have used a second income, but his adoptive mother had neither the skills nor the emotional temperament to hold a job for long. Every time she lost one she'd pull her adopted son out of class and take him on 'an adventure' they couldn't afford. Many of Jensen's happiest memories stem from these trips, but all are tinged with uncertainty and guilt. Perhaps because of his childhood, Jensen has unwittingly centered most of his life and career choices around taking care of others.

Having joined the Detroit Police Force at 21, and then volunteered for its SWAT division 4 years later, Jensen rose to team commander quickly. But his career ended suddenly two years ago when he refused to follow a questionable order. Later becomes a security consultant for Sarif Industries, who is assigned to protect a group of scientists. An augmented black ops team attacks the research labs in the opening of Human Revolution, a level of attention for which he (and his team?)
are completely unprepared. Adam is nearly killed and must become augmented to save his life.

A "generous donor" provides military grade Sarif Industries augmentations - including two mechanical arms, linked by metal bars sunk under his chest, and retractable, head-mounted sunglasses - which are installed by a Sarpatech technician. He is then sent home to recuperate, struggling to come to terms with his body's fusion with machines. Soon he chasing down leads all over the world, never knowing who he can trust.

Today Jensen tends to be a loner, rather than a leader. He believes there are multiple ways to achieve a desired result, and instinctively looks for answers from himself first, consulting others only after his own ideas are exhausted. He is what you would call a 'working class hero:' dependable, resourceful, curious in a stand-offish way, with a streak of hardcore cynicism mixed in.

I'll be honest with you, the psych eval doesn't paint a pretty picture.
It mentions the problems with authority figures, a disregard for the chain of command, anger management issues and potential PTSD.


A conversation between Walton Simons and Jaime Reyes suggests that if a augmented person keeps their bioenenrgy at 100% for long periods of time they may experience an intermittent sharp pain behind their eyes.

HEADCANON (to be changed/modified when castmates come into play)

- I am taking pointers from the tie-in comic (such as: when he met Megan, his smoking habits) but I am not regarding the events depicted as canon, or considering Adam's characterization as shown in it, because I find it inconsistent with the one we are presented in the game. It's written by someone who wasn't involved with the game at all and let's be honest here, it's just really awful.

- Adam's relationship with Megan. They met around ten years ago--and Adam fell for her right then, though it took a while for Megan to warm up to him (she had just returned to the States). Adam is a very loving, monogamous partner; supportive and largely submissive. Megan had always been the dominant partner in the relationship, and that's also what had drawn Adam to her--he really has a thing for confident women that can stand up for themselves, and know what they want, in life and everywhere else (including the bed). Megan would often get so immersed in her work that she'd push Adam away--especially later on--even when it came to rather mundane things like cooking ("No, Adam, thanks for being considerate but I'd rather make my own food. Why don't you go play with Kubrick?"). They were living together for about two to three years and at least Adam had wanted to get married pretty soon, but by this point Megan was already way more focused on Adam's DNA than on Adam himself, who began to feel very neglected and lonely. Adam broke up with her, though they chose to remain friends. Of course, Adam still loved her after that, and was hoping they'd get back together some day, once she was less busy with work, which is why he didn't really consider finding a new girlfriend anytime soon.

- Adam and Meg are both fans of the director Kubrick, and they spent many evenings watching his films together (and bonding over them); especially 2001: A Space Oddyssey. Since they never got to the marriage and kids part, they decided to get a dog instead, and named him Kubrick.

- Adam is really terrible at cooking. He tries, but he rarely gets it right, and the last time he had a proper meal was with Megan shortly before the Sarif attack.

- Back during their DPD times, Adam and Wayne Haas actually had an awkward one-night stand, likely after a work party. Adam was really drunk and remembers little of it; Wayne had developed a minor crush on him. Adam was more than embarassed and insisted that they forget about this thing--he doesn't usually go for dudes--and that it must not influence their professional work relationship in any way.

- That said, Adam's fooled around with guys before (mostly during his experimental phase while he was a bored student) and he CAN get off with them, but he much prefers a (strong) woman, especially emotionally--Megan was the woman of his dreams when it came to many things. It's very unlikely he would ever enter a relationship with another man. It might not be outright impossible, but it would take a lot of development, and I don't think there'd be nearly enough time or opportunity for that within a game setting. AU settings are fair game, though.

- Not that he's particularly interested in any kind of relationship right now, no thanks to his butchered body. He hasn't gotten off with anyone since that incident, and while he's tried masturbating, it's very, very frustrating for him--you try jerking off with mostly cold metal hands while having trouble with the pressure you're exerting...

- Even without his hacking device/augmentation, Adam is actually pretty competent with computers, as implied by various conversations and stuff that can be found around his places (lots of complicated mathematical formulas, for one; then he really seems to have the analytical skills and patience needed to code). While he's nowhere near as good at it as Pritchard and doesn't really have a passion for it (he's not the type to sit in an office in front of the computer the whole day), Adam can understand most technobabble and is able to code simple programs & scripts, among other things.

- While Adam does have sensation in his mechanical limbs, he doesn't really feel. It's more like data being processed--pressure and temperature, but he doesn't fully register texture, for one. He also doesn't feel pain in them (an uncomfortable itch, at most).
Additionally, his limbs are pretty cold. Not super cold, because they tend to heat up from all the use and also because of the material--it's not just metal, his upper arms are mostly made of polymer--, but definitely colder than a flesh and blood hand. They also produce a soft, quiet whirring sound when moved around (this can actually be heard in the Icarus trailer). It's not really noticeable though unless it's super quiet and you listen closely. Unlike most non-military models, Adam's arms haven't been coated in nano-scale artificial epidermis, which means--yes, if you touch them, they will feel pretty damn mechanical.

- I'm choosing the 4th Ending--the suicide one--as canon. Following his decision, Adam, actually terrified of dying and sinking to the bottom of the sea, would use his ceramic blades to cut off his own cybernetic leg prostheses to stop himself from running away MAKING IT ALL THE MORE SAD BAWWW.

- Adam's actually quite a bit of a nerd--a book and movie nerd, specifically. He's got quite a lot of books (lots of novels, too) scattered around his office and apartment, and he used to have a dog named Kubrick. He keeps that side of him mostly out of work and to himself and friends though; regardless, when meeting someone like, say, Batman? He'd probably find that ridiculously cool and squee on the inside while keeping up his perpetual lineface on the outside. He also enjoys RoboCop. Oh, and while he's not a huge gaming nerd he'd know about major titles that came out during his time, too. He used to play mostly when he was a teenager; these days, not so much. Gaming wise, he enjoys the RTS genre (he played the shit out of StarCraft II I'm telling you), action RPGs and, of course, shooters.

- Adam got three Bachelor's degrees in Criminal Justice, if you take a closer look at his office wall: he got degrees from the University of Phoenix, Ferris College and one other (he mostly took online courses, but not exclusively--I imagine in the year 2027, this is not at all unusual and widely accepted/not looked down on anymore. It also allowed Adam to take better care of his mother, who was better not left alone at home). He already began taking classes while at highschool. He enrolled at University of Phoenix first, but after realizing that school has a very bad reputation, Adam enrolled in two more--but didn't drop out of Phoenix University because he didn't want to appear like someone who half-asses things, and he's really not the type to do so either. Needless to say, he accumulated a lot of financial debt--most of which his parents covered, despite not being financially well-off themselves. Adam was a responsible student, but he didn't like studying very much; unfortunately it was necessary in order to work in his desired field--law enforcement (it's even possible he wanted to work his way up to the FBI or CIA eventually, given they require at least a bachelor's degree. Either way, Adam wanted to keep all the career options open for himself, which might be another explanation for three degrees in the same subject but from different schools). He was well aware of that, and also felt guilty because of his parents paying for his education; having to take loans themselves. When Adam joined the DPD, he also spent six months at a Police Academy first.

- Both of Adam's adoptive parents are dead and have been cremated. He keeps the urns in his apartment. The game doesn't really specify how and when they died, but given his mother was chronically depressed and emotionally unstable, she could have committed suicide. For now, I am headcanoning that his father was a crime victim, and his mother committed suicide over it--it might have been one of Adam's motivations to volunteer for SWAT (he's all for a more violent approach). Adam also seems to think of it as his personal duty to protect the people he loves, feeling guilt over his mother and Megan's 'death', and he tends to show an unusually cruel and unforgiving side of himself when it comes to the people that have harmed his loved ones: note how he kills all of the Tyrants without any mercy and shows no consideration for them or their motivations whatsoever; he's really driven by revenge here.

- MORE ON MEGAN AND ADAM (AND GENERAL EVENTS DURING THAT TIME): Adam was 24 when he met her and still a cop. Now how did he meet her? Headcanon dictates that it was completely random while he was having a good time with some buddies at a bar. Megan was likely doing the same things with some ladyfriends--having just returned to the States after studying abroad. Adam would have never approached Megan had it not been for a stupid dare involving 'that hot chick over there'. Adam was quite clumsy--but Megan, also a little drunk but not nearly as drunk as Adam, decided to humor him. Strangely enough, she found him endearing enough to actually see him again, and that's when they went on their first proper date--when Adam picked her up in a silly car and also gave her a toy car as a gift, though it would take some years until they'd be a proper couple, not being entirely serious about anything in the beginning (he was also occasionally seeing other girls at the time, and Megan was, of course, busy and not yet ready for a relationship). After some time Adam realized that she was a real jackpot and, indeed, the woman he was going to marry. And the harder he tried to woo her, the more he actually screwed it up (case in point: trying to cook for her, or generally trying to impress her). But that was exactly what Megan liked about him, he was a pleasant change from all the super serious stuff she had to deal with at work, and he wasn't a scientist or rich businessman or otherwise important person. He was just some normal guy head over heels in love with her and trying to win her over, and obviously so. He even quit smoking because of her.

- Not long after he first met Megan and started seeing her, Adam's parents died (see paragraph on his parents). She really helped him through that time, and was the main reason that he made it through that relatively unscathed, mentally. She was there for him (and so was Megan's mom, who had immediately taken a liking to Megan's new potential boyfriend), and they quickly grew closer. They were officially together when Adam was about 29, five (!) years after they first met, and would be together for four years. When they hit the two year mark, they moved together and Adam started to consider proposing to her, but Megan was really immersed in her research, so Adam put it off time and time again. Then the Mexicantown Massacre happened, he got hired by Sarif... and they grew even more distant, and Adam reconsidered, eventually ending the relationship because he felt like she wasn't all that serious about it anymore.

- I personally believe that Megan has cheated on Adam at least once during their relationship. He caught her in the act, and of course he confronted her--and they had a big argument, but Adam would ultimately forgive her, not least because she seemed genuinely sorry about it. Adam himself was never unfaithful, even when an opportunity presented itself ("Did I EVER lie to you?!").

(I really should organize this headcanon stuff sometime instead of just adding more and more stuff.)

- Adam's fairly... old-fashioned in his style and some mannerisms. He's not sexist, racist, or homophobic at all, no--he actually has a thing for confident women and no problem at all with homosexuality, etc. He's pretty open and tolerant when it comes to most things, be it augmentations or whatever else. HOWEVER when he goes on a date, for example, he WILL assume the traditional roles--the man has to take care of the woman. He'll open doors for her. He'll pay. He'll escort her home, and he will generally take care of her as much as he's able. It's not something he strictly tries to enforce, but he tries to act like a gentleman (and fail sometimes, because he's Adam Jensen), not least because that's probably something his parents tried to teach him... especially since his mother was so unstable and barely able to take care of herself. In general, though, Adam really is best compared to a guard/attack dog: he might have and want an owner that keeps him on a tight leash, but he's the one who protects and barks and bites. And never lets go of a trail he's following.

- Though if it's not obvious, going by the furniture and his fashion style, Adam's really into older stuff. Antiques, especially, and old clocks and wind-up toys. It just feels very homely, and is probably another thing he got from his parents.

- A mail found in the game says that Adam's recovery time after his surgery has been shortened by adding a number of PEDOT biochips, which means he has more than one. However, I still headcanon that Adam had a lot of trouble adjusting right after, being dependent on a wheelchair, physiotherapy (clock building helped) and all that... and he's prone to glitches, his retinal enhancement not working properly at the beginning of the game just being one example. Those glitches can take various different forms and they usually fix themselves after a while, but why do they occur in the first place (when it's not an EMP charge, weird signal or killswitch doing it?)

His mental condition. Basically, stress--it has a lot to do with Adam's DNA and the fact that he's 50% flesh and 50% machine, having achieved the perfect symbiosis between man and machine, the Singularity. Even when there's nothing physically wrong with his augments, his body has so readily accepted them as part of him that they've started to show the same signs of weakness as normal limbs. A normal man might feel his hands tremble or his knees go weak--Adam doesn't, but his augments will rebel and glitch sometimes when he's stressed or depressed or otherwise not feeling well. It doesn't usually happen in combat due to the combat high (adrenaline) and hypervigilance (again, same case with a normal man).

It's probably a phenomenon that's rare and currently being researched in the Deus Ex world by augmentation scientists/psychologists (STILL ALL HEADCANON), but it's definitely something that Adam experiences once in a while.

- Safety Dance from Men Without Hats is actually one of Adam's favorite songs NO REALLY, IT IS. As to his music preferences... he enjoys rock and trance. Orchestral pieces, too.

- Adam's always been an introvert, but when he was a teenager/student he did the same crap other boys his age did--attending parties/events, drinking a lot, picking up smoking, being sexually active with a number of partners. This was mostly his way of dealing with the stress and isolation that came with studying almost exclusively at home. Unlike most of his friends, Adam's always been careful. He never got completely trashed, never tried to drive when drunk, and safer sex was a given. He also never neglected his studies (not least because he felt really guilty for his SUPER EXPENSIVE education). He mellowed out a lot when he joined the DPD (less stress; like I mentioned--he did not really enjoy studying) and especially when he met Megan and these days, he's just as social as he needs to be, and prefers to stick with a few people that he can really count on.

- Adam gets drunk really quickly in the game, and is also able to sober up equally quick. It seems like a game mechanic, but I'm actually running with it--after getting augmented, Adam's digestive system/metabolism, while they still technically work the same way, were somewhat shot to hell. This is due to the combination of the Sarif energy converter and the Sentinel RX health system. One glass of booze is literally enough to get Adam really damn drunk. He will sober up after a few minutes, but the rather abrupt change is not very pleasant. This doesn't just go for a state of inebration, though: any kind of medication will start to quickly show effects, but they won't last (which might explain his huge stash of painkillers and anti-depressants). Same for sickness--same for pain. In short: anything that affects his general state of health will be short but intense.

- Strangely enough (and if his coat is any indication), Adam actually knows a thing or two about fashion. One reason is because while he was together with Megan, Adam actually did most of the shopping (for her, since she was always too busy and doesn't care much about her own appearance). It's not like he reads fashion magazines or anything like that, but he does know what's 'in' and what looks good on someone. He somewhat cares about physical appearance, which is pretty ironic (and sad) given what he's been turned into.

- Adam's not the type to rush into a relationship, and he has no patience for airheads. He's probably been together with some gullible/dumb/overstyled girls when he was younger, but they never managed to keep his attention for long and Adam would grow tired of them pretty quick. Megan was different in that aspect that she was smart, confident, and a natural beauty without having to rely on heavy make-up. In other words, he needs someone who is intellectually/mentally engaging. She's a leading scientist in her field--I guess that says something about Adam and his standards/tastes when it comes to women. On the topic of appearance (again), he prefers a woman to look classy and gorgeous; not cheap. He will prefer a lot of fabric covering her skin (while still complimenting her physique) over slutty outfits.

- Adam used to be pretty big into sports, especially basketball and baseball. The former he played regularly in his youth--his way of keeping in shape--and was part of the highschool team. He was always one of the better players, but not outstanding enough to have made a career out of it; not that he wanted to. He is/was also a capoeirista, having formally been trained in that particular fighting style, though he prefers a straightforward, more effective and less flashy approach these days, mostly using his fists.

- Adam's grown up in a fairly bad neighborhood of Detroit, and as a consequence street crime has been a part of his life since he can remember. He never got into trouble himself because his parents did a good job with him, but he did lose a few good friends to violent street gangs and drugs and other such things. The environment they lived in was also the main reason for his mother's depression, as well as Adam's main motivation to become a cop. The more he watched the things happening around him as well as incompetent cops, without being able to do anything, though (he knew he needed a clean criminal record, and he did not want to draw attention to his own family) the more aggressive Adam grew, ultimately leading to him adopting a 'Dirty Harry' attitude as a cop. Even before the Mexicantown massacre Adam was known for getting into arguments with his superiors now and then over his own misconduct, though he'd often managed to downplay it.

- When it comes to the Mexicantown massacre, the chain of command at the time as well as Adam's relationship with Wayne Haas, the information the game provides is murky at best. Official info says that Adam was a SWAT team commander (even confirmed by the comics, although we will not speak of them); the SWAT guy during the Milwaukee Junction mission says that Adam was with Team Two. When confronting Haas, he claims that he has been a SWAT team commander himself, and almost in the same sentence tells Adam that he's "not his boss anymore".

The story I've ultimately worked out for myself is this one:

At the time, Adam considered Wayne his best friend. The two were close—they served together as cops and, later on, in the same SWAT unit. Adam was outstanding enough to be promoted to team commander after their old one retired (who was not Quincy Durant, as far as I am concerned), effectively becoming Wayne's boss for a while. Wayne, being not so bad himself, was given the chance to lead his own team after a few more years—not least because Adam trusted him and his skills completely and helped him along by recommending him to superiors.

Shortly after that, the Mexicantown massacre happened, and one reason why Adam was so pissed off at Wayne and never spoke to him again after that was that he felt like the guy had betrayed his expectations and completely disappointed him. He would have expected Wayne to refuse the order as well—but he'd just been promoted and was afraid of doing something wrong, risking his job.

- We're not really given much info on the Mexicantown massacre either, but according to Wayne the teenager had augmentations dangerous enough to cut through a SWAT team, so they must have been military grade. The reason the situation escalated was because the kid was short on Neuropozyne, suffering withdrawal symptoms and going mad from pain, lashing out at people indiscriminately.

- Adam has an inherent aversion against hard drugs of any kind because of the damage they can cause, and how withdrawing them can make you completely lose control, something Adam inherently fears. Of course, he's not a saint himself—having taken copious amounts of painkillers, antipsychotics and narcotics—but he usually manages to drag himself out of his hole whenever he is depressed enough to resort to self-destruction, which is something he does not expect most other people to be capable of.

- Another reason for Adam's implanted shades was to shield him better from other CASIE users. Eyes can be very expressive, even when you're otherwise able to keep up a perfect pokerface and a monotone voice.

- In the past, Adam was a heavy smoker and a light drinker. These days it's the other way around; he's a light smoker and a heavy drinker (during the period when he was together with Megan he quit smoking and almost never drank). Smoking does nothing for him, it's mainly something to keep his hands busy, and one package easily lasts him a month. The drinking does nothing for him either because drunkenness doesn't last, which means he has to drink permanently if he really wants to feel trashed but that's no fun, either.

- Because of his hobby--taking clocks and toys apart--Adam's actually a pretty decent mechanic. If he has literature to go along with it (and enough time), Adam can fix most appliances (provided they are not too technologically advanced), and even build them from the ground up.